Jardim do Castelo, Copos& Petisco, Restaurant, a commercial company headquartered at Travessa da Misericordia 6 / 10, 7250-150, Alandroal, with a share capital of € 7,500 (seven thousand and five hundred euros), registered at the Commercial Registry of Alandroal, with the registration and legal person number 271 772 905.

Privacy Policy

Jardim do Castelo, Copos& Petiscos, restaurante hereinafter referred to as JC, is responsible for the website www.jardimdocastelo.com, hereinafter referred to as the JC website, and is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal data collected and / or transmitted online. The security and privacy of the data of the users of the JC website are aspects that assume a crucial importance for the company.

Please read the following text to understand and learn about how the information you provide will be treated by JC. JC reserves the right to change the privacy policy, so it is advisable to read this document regularly. These texts faithfully reproduce the privacy policy followed by the JC website.

In this document, you can find the answer to the following questions:

1 What information is collected about users?

2 Who is responsible for collecting the information?

3 What are cookies and how does JC use them?

4 How is the information collected used?

5 How can the user correct or delete the information previously provided through the JC website?

6 Other Issues You Should Know About JC’s Privacy Policy.

If you have any doubts about some of the points presented here, we would appreciate that you communicate to us by email to geral@jardimdocastelo.com or by post to Jardim do Castelo, Copos& Petiscos, Restaurant at Travessa da Misericordia 6 / 10, 7250-150, Alandroal.

1 What information is collected about users?

In order to become a subscriber to our newsletter or make a reservation through our website, it is necessary to complete the form that is available online at the website.

The collection of personal data is carried out when filling out the form. The information collected is necessary to ensure the identity of the user. The provision of the data requested in the registration act of the JC website is mandatory so that the user can take advantage of the aforementioned service. In the act of registration, the information that the user provides aims to provide a service more suited to their characteristics and needs and to send information related to the services provided by JC, such as: promotions, events or general information. The reader will be able to update the information provided by him whenever he wants by simply sending the request to geral@jardimdocastelo.com. The operations of providing personal data are duly protected. All information is encrypted and managed with the most advanced security tools.

2 Who is responsible for collecting the information?

JC is solely responsible for the collection of personal data carried out on the JC website. Whenever the user finishes using this service, JC assumes no responsibility for the information collected outside the respective website.

3 What are cookies and how does JC use them?

In order to provide a more personalized service and to the satisfaction of users, JC uses cookies to collect and store information. A cookie is a small information file that is sent from the JC website server to the user’s browser and stored on the respective computer. These cookies will only be used by JC and their use is limited to the following purposes: – To allow JC to know who the user is and, thus, provide a better, more secure and personalized service; – Estimate the levels of use of the services. Each user is assigned an individual cookie, thus ensuring privacy and data security. The presentation of the statistical data is done in an aggregated and not individual way, not allowing the identification of the user. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the performance of the JC site in a perspective of constant updating and improvement, so that the user’s tastes and needs can be satisfied.

4 How is the information collected used?

The information collected will only serve the following purposes: – Preparation of statistics that allow understanding how JC can improve the level of services it provides and, in this way, respond more effectively to users’ expectations;- Increase the level of personalization of services to that adapt, as far as possible, to the tastes and preferences of users. The personal data provided by the user will be used exclusively for purposes related to the execution of the respective contract, as well as, if the user authorizes it, for JC’s information, marketing and telemarketing activities. Data communications will be made with the prior consent of the data subjects. JC will not sell, rent, share or offer the data provided by its customers, except in the situations provided for in this privacy policy.

5 How can the user correct or delete the information he has previously provided in JC applications?

Within the scope of the conditions of use of the JC website and all its services, the user undertakes to provide and keep all his personal data up to date and truthful. In turn, JC guarantees the user the possibility to correct and update their data, and the user should contact JC by e-mail geral@jardimdocastelo.com or to Jardim do Castelo, Copos& petisco, Restaurante, a commercial company based in Travessa da Misericórdia 6/10, 7250-150, Alandroal. All users may, through the JC website, subscribe to newsletters or make reservations. In all newsletters and confirmation communication sent to customers on the JC website, they have the option to cancel their subscription/reservations.

6 Other issues you should be aware of about the JC website’s privacy policy:

– Change of Conditions of Use of the JC website

Whenever there is a change in the conditions of use of the JC website, namely in the Conditions of Service or in the Privacy Policy, JC will update the file on the JC website.

– Authorization for Miscellaneous Uses

If JC intends to use its users’ data for purposes other than those for which it received initial authorization from the users, it will request a new authorization from the users for that specific use.

National Data Protection Commission

The data subject may file a complaint with the supervisory authority (CNPD). However, if you wish to make such a claim, do not hesitate to contact JC in a first phase, via the email geral@jardimdocastelo.com